It started over 5 years ago……

April 21, 2013

…..when I was invited to meet a women’s group in Cameroon.  I had been in a Cameroon for a year and I went out of curiosity; I had heard about the women’s groups where the women get together to support each other – they run small savings schemes out of their own money, they co-ordinate community activities such as maintaining the irrigation or roads to their farms, and in the event of mishap to any of their members, it is through these group that they co-ordinate help. But as a foreigner, never before had I been invited to attend their meetings.

I sat with the women waiting for all the members to arrive; and when it was time all the women stood up for a prayer. Then they all sat and I sat with them. Grace Vabie as the chairwomen of the group stood up. She addressed me; “Sister Tamara, thank you for being with us today. We want to tell you about the problems we have in our rice farms…..”

And when I met these women, I knew that I did not have anything I could teach them. Instead these women could teach me. They have a strength and determination that cannot be doubted. And for the first time in a long time, I regained my faith. I stood up and promised to help them.

Since then we worked on how we could help them; we formulated a plan and a programme. We then spend many long years looking for funding and partners. And 5 years later, we are finally in a position where we can start to fulfil that original promise

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